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Professional Private Consultation 

Confidential and time effective – your resource for creating syllabi and class content, reaching difficult students, and exploring new possibilities in dance education.


$125 USD per hour on-line

Inquire now for a free 20 minute consultation 

Flexible Options Including:

Critique a performance or practice video

Help with creating lesson plans for special needs

Discuss curriculum changes, methods and class content

Choose your own topic and  focus on how you want to take your coaching/ teaching to the next level

Audit your live or recorded video classes

Importance and Relevance

As professional coaches and movement instructors, it’s vitally important to keep up with the latest trends in techniques and training as well as be able to seek out a voice in putting together new programs and current ideas into a framework that keeps your brand thriving.

As a professional dancer, teacher, author, and personal trainer for over 35 years I can promise that I have the expertise and listening ear to help you create new ideas and invigorate your teaching programs as few else can do. My purpose is to help you to be more “you” in your brand while navigating the myriad and precarious trends in dance and movement education.



Mrs. Thomas is an inspiration for excellence! Not only does she understand biomechanics of movement she understands all the details necessary to create a real artist. Her courses are extremely thorough and organized. Plus she makes things easy to understand by breaking down fundamental basics. I would recommend ANY dancer/teacher/coach to take a course and find out for yourself what makes her so great! I believe Mrs. Thomas is one of the few around the U.S. who understands the importance of real pedagogy.

- Leslie Gungor Skoezewski owner/director of Skorzewski Ballet and former student of Dr. Peggy Willis -Aarnio

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