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  • After I purchase a course, am I free to complete it on my own time?"
    No, these courses are only completed live and in a one on one manner.
  • How do I purchase a course?
    Courses can only be purchased once a 20 minute consultation has been scheduled with me. From there, we I will give you further instructions on how to purchase the course. To schedule a FREE consultation, just email me at
  • Do I have to download the ebooks within a certain amount of time from purchase?
    YES the PDF ebooks are time sensitive and they must be downloaded within the first week of your purchase.
  • How do I purchase one of your books?
    There are two options. You can purchase a PDF downloadable file directly from this website. If you would prefer a physical copy, there are links to purchase the books through amazon located on the "Literature" page.
  • How do I purchase your video?
    There is a link located on the "Shop" page which will take you to the external site, flickrocket, to purchase my video.
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