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Author of the internationally successful books “Fundamentals of Alignment and Classical Movement for Figure Skaters”, “Lessons in Classical Ballet for the Figure Skater”, and instructional video “Lessons in Ballet for Figure Skaters Level -1”.

Annette T. Thomas has been a dance teacher and choreographer since 1970. After a successful professional performance career, Annette switched her focus to education. 

Annette has lectured and published numerous freelance articles on dance, exercise, imagery, and creative movement, and has worked extensively with both handicapped and gifted children in the areas of creativity, art, and movement.

She received her Pedagogical Certification for the Teaching of Classical Ballet (Vaganova Pedagogical Training) from Dr. Peggy Willis-Aarnio.

Annette currently teaches online certification courses for the Vaganova Methodology in conjunction with American Ice Theatre, and The Ohio Conservatory of Ballet, and conducts workshops worldwide in her exclusive “Ballet for Figure Skaters”. Floor-Barre, and Russian Method Classical ballet.

Training and Professional 


Dance Training


Dance Training

Professional Dance

Performance Career

Classical Ballet

Pedagogical Training

Transitional Focus

to Figure Skaters

As her mother, Mika Mingo, was an international professional dancer, singer, and teacher who also studied Vaganova Pedagogy with John Barker, Annette traveled the world gaining extensive training in various forms of dance such as Flamenco, Modern, Folkloric and Character Dance, Bharata Natyam, and Mime.

Trained at Carnegie Hall by the late Maria Nevelska of the Bolshoi Ballet, she continued her studies with Ana Garcia of the San Juan Ballet Company, Marguerite De Anguera of the Connecticut Regional Ballet Company, and Mme. Alexandra Danilova  of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo.

Annette, who is also a classically trained professional singer, moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1975 and performed with The Florentine Opera Company, The Milwaukee Symphony Chorus, Music Under the Stars, and Skylight Comic Opera. She was also the director of Russian Ballet at Brookfield Centre for the Arts.

She received her Pedagogical Certification for the Teaching of Classical Ballet (Vaganova Pedagogical Training) in 2005 from one of America's leading pedagogies Dr. Peggy Willis-Aarnio.

She began working with figure skaters in 1998 and continues to conduct both off- and on-ice workshops, group, and private lessons for figure skaters in the areas of conditioning and artistry.

Mission Statement

& Teaching Philosophy

As primarily a “teacher to teachers” I have dedicated my professional life to helping teachers and coaches become all they can be in their field.  The vocation of teaching is both art and science - and it takes a lifetime of honing to perfect. Learning how, why, and when to impart acquired information to your students is a learned process. I believe that each individual who comes to me has a unique perspective on life, themselves, and their profession. Your journey and experiences as a teacher are also unique and my teaching method speaks to the individual and to the whole person. Through my one-on-one courses and lessons, each student receives the undivided time and attention to really delve into what you need with someone who will witness, teach, guide, and encourage you to be the very best you can be. 

*All lessons are based on the original Vaganova (Russian) Methodology with an emphasis on individual safety, science-based injury prevention, observation, and personal analysis, all with significant results. 

– Annette T. Thomas

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