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Full Online Coaches Certification Course

Based on the Vaganova Teaching Method, This college level intensive course is intended for Dance Instructors and Figure Skating Coaches who wish to gain a strong, working knowledge of Ballet training at its finest as it applies to the figure skater. These coach’s courses are true pedagogical courses of study based on the Vaganova Methodology of Ballet training, which will teach coaches how to effectively train their skaters to improve both technically and artistically, without injury “from the inside out”.

BASE: $1,850 USD (includes electronic copies of both books, my Instructional video, and the NEW Coaches Manual!)

Inquire now for a free 20 minute consultation 

Eligibility and Commitment 

Eligibility for Entrance 

- Must have some prior experience in ballet/dance training

- Must have a basic understanding of how to count music (understanding of time signatures and musical phrasing)

- A free video consultation will be set up at the candidate’s convenience so that we can discuss eligibility and goals. 

Course Commitment

- Course start date is between June 1st-September 1st

- *The 16 week course must be completed within 5 months of the students’ start date*

- Courses are offered only between the months of June and December

- As ballet training is a precise art, the course requires extensive "out of class" assignments such as



-Video work

- On average, expect to have 3 hours of "out of class" work per week 

-1-2 hours reading and studying

- 1 hour constructing video demonstrations of you teaching the techniques you are learning  

- If you are a ballet instructor taking this course in order to teach figure skaters, you will need

-access to a rink

-a skating student to demonstrate on 

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Assessment and Grading

Competency is assessed through

- Completion of assignments 

- Your video demonstrations

- Accompanying lesson plans

- Written exams (fulfilling test averages)
- Proper Attendance


If all assignments and exams are completed with a passing grade, a student will receive a Ballet for Figure Skaters – Level 1 Coache's Certification, listing with American Ice Theatre as an authorized Preliminary Level instructor of classical ballet for figure skaters, and ongoing consultation for teaching the Preliminary Level.

There are three categories of certification for this course depending on your final grade:

- Certification of Mastery (with the instructor's recommendation and endorsement) 96-100%

- Certification of Successful Completion (passed the course and able to teach) 75-95%

- Certification of Participation (74 and below)

**Course Levels are based on Annette T. Thomas’ BFFS Program Levels and not the Vaganova Method Levels. Each course level must be successfully competed with a grade of 80% in order to be considered eligible to continue to the next level course. A “passing grade” does not automatically mean an endorsement by the teacher.**

Breakdown of Courses


After taking the Ballet for Figure Skaters 16 Week Coaches Certification Course I now have a deeper understanding of both  myself as a teacher and the path that I would like to take to help my students, on and off the ice. I successfully completed a degree in dance education, thought I had knowledge of both dance pedagogy and how to write and implement curriculum. It wasn’t until I took Annette Thomas’ course that I came to understand my knowledge was only surface level. The in depth look at biomechanics, lesson planning, and science driven technique dug deeper than any other class I have taken. This class was equivalent to a college level course and required careful planning and work every week. That being said, I couldn’t be more happy that I enrolled. The fresh approach I have to teaching is helping me to grow every day and in turn motivating my students to work harder and progress with me.”

– Angela M. Como

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