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Ballet for Figure Skaters Manual For Coaches

For those who have wanted to take Annette T. Thomas' “Ballet for Figure Skaters 16-Week Coaches Course'' and just haven’t found the time to do so, this expanded volume provides all the lessons taught in this course to do at your own pace.*

Ballet for Figure Skaters Manual for Coaches contains all the "secrets" of ballet pedagogical knowledge needed to give you the ability to mold each student into the very best skater they can be without injury. Based on science, somatics and the original Vaganova methodology, this volume will expand not only your “class content” but the very way you approach teaching and coaching.

Edward Bulwer-Lytton said “Art and science have their meeting point in method" and this is what the art and sport of figure skating should be – a UNIFIED off to on-ice Systematic Methodology.

You will learn:How to ‘see through’ to the individual body type you are teaching and assess how best to approach training.

Progressive floor, to barre, to center, to on-ice exercises which systematically flow and apply directly and logically to skating technique.

The difference between a teacher and a trainer and how to become both.

How to count music and utilize phrasing, character and exact timing for your skaters’ programs.

How to reflect upon and improve your own teaching and coaching skills.

This Manual includes:

  • Over 50 “safe dance practices” exercises for both off and on-ice study
  • Clear instruction on methodology
  • Music theory and application
  • Ballet history and theory
  • Complete “skates on” off-ice specialty class designed by Annette T. Thomas
  • On-ice ballet exercises with musical counts
  • Self-test and guidance for personal improvement



The Ballet for Figure Skaters Manual for Coaches can be used on its own, but is meant to accompany my two other books: Fundamentals of Alignment and Classical Movement for Figure Skaters and Lessons in Classical Ballet for the Figure Skaters (available here on my website) And Whitefeather Productions album "Ballet Class Music For Figure Skaters" which can be purchased through them here:


*No certification is given by doing this course on your own. Live, one on one video teaching will be available upon request.

Ballet for Figure Skaters Manual For Coaches

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