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Ballet Training From Home

With almost everyone staying home and avoiding social gatherings including dance and exercise classes for the foreseeable future, I thought now might be a good time to share a few items I use to help teach and train from home. I use all these products in my online classes and, you too can build your own “home studio” with a little space and forethought. Now is a great time to shift your focus and hone skills that require concentration, attention to details, and intense mind-body connection skills!

I like these particular CDs because they have a very clear, focused beat which almost feeds you the tempo without too much concentration – concentration which is better served by doing exercises accurately and focusing in on that mind-body connection. In my teaching, I use all these recordings for floor-barre, skates on exercises, and ballet barre and centre. Great classical music expertly played at easy, even tempos. Click here to see this on

For accuracy of movement training in Classical Ballet these videos can’t be beat. This is a great time to study how to “really” practice a movement accurately so that it assists in technique as well as prevent injuries. I highly recommend the Beginning ballet series of 3 DVDs for everyone (not just kids!) and the two Level One DVDs. Getting back to the basics is what it’s all about! Click here to see this on

I love the Prodigy Series Portable Double Aluminum Freestanding Ballet Barre. It’s lightweight, easily stored and the adjustable double barre allows you to use both levels at once for all your stretching needs – no matter what your height. I ask my students to buy these so that they can stretch and strengthen in perfect alignment while holding onto the barre correctly – so important for injury prevention. (They come in great colors, too!) Click here to see this on

For working on feet, arms and legs, on the floor or at the barre, these non-latex resistance bands are a must. I use them with all my students after we do our myofascial release massages. Perfect. Click here to see this on

Item 5: My Happy feet – toe alignment socks: I’ve been recommending these for at least 10 years…they’re perfect for a great foot workout while sitting on your exercise mat or watching Frozen 2… and they really work! Click here to see this on

I hope this list of products helps you sort out the next few weeks/month of working out at home and gets you started on a whole new home routine which will benefit you for years to come. Stay healthy and safe everyone!

Best Always, Annette T. Thomas Owner/creator of Certified pedagogue in Vaganova

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