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Lessons in Classical Ballet for the Figure Skater (pdf ebook)


Eight complete and progressive 1½ hour Classical Ballet lessons exclusively designed for Beginning Level figure skaters and six lessons each for the Intermediate and Advanced/Continuing students. Graded syllabus with tests for each level. A comprehensive instructional section on Classical port de bras. Teaching notes and prompts. Four 1/2-hour on-ice application lessons. Resources and much more. 299 pages. Scroll down to take a peak at what the ebook contains!

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Product Description

Annette T. Thomas has created two of the most comprehensive and complete books on the subject of Classical Movement and Ballet for Figure Skaters ever written. Her excellent ‘Lessons in Classical Ballet for The Figure Skater’ has no equal. She covers everything, and I mean everything succinctly, but with enough detail to be comprehensible. In fact she covers every necessary detail that one can imagine. This book is a must for all ballet teachers that are serious about giving good, effective, quality classes to their skaters. Though some of Annette’s patterns can get quite complex (for the more advanced students), her patterns can be used as a guide and ‘diluted’ a little if necessary for the ability of your class. I have taught Ballet for Figure Skaters for 25 years, and yet this book has given me great new ideas! I won’t teach without it!

Annette has poured her life into these books and it shows, they are impeccable. I cannot say enough about how excellent they are, and a huge and valuable resource to the skating world and those that work with skaters.” ~ Deidre Arianne Kellogg, The Skaters’ Consortium Director of Ballet for Figure Skaters at The Skaters’ Consortium, Choreographer/Artistic, Coach Educator/Consultant/Writer

What This Book Features

  • Eight complete and progressive 1 ½ hour Classical Ballet lessons exclusively designed for figure skaters are presented for the Beginning Level and six lessons each are presented for the Intermediate and Advanced/Continuing students.
  • Each lesson plan contains over 25 exercises/combinations and is designed to be used for at least 2-3 class periods to ingrain neuro-muscular imprinting and musicality.
  • A graded syllabus with tests for each level are included which can be printed out and distributed to your students.
  • Each beginning level lesson plan begins with body awareness floor exercises and ends with correct stretching techniques which are fully explained in the appendix.
  • Counts (instead of measures or bars) for each step in a particular combination are placed directly above the step. The number of total counts required for each combination is presented at the beginning of each exercise so the correct length of music can easily be chosen.
  • Unlike many other enchainment books detailed head position, eye gaze, hand and arm movements are given within each exercise so that the entire body is being employed in a coordinated manner.
  • In addition a comprehensive instructional section on Classical port de bras, hand and head training are presented with accompanying illustrations to help those who may not be well versed in these often neglected areas of training.
  • Teaching notes and prompts are included in each lesson plan including “Bringing it Home to the Skater” inserts designed to help skater and teacher connect certain movements worked on in class with specific skating moves.
  • Four ½ hour on-ice application lessons are given for the beginning and intermediate levels.
  • Annette’s unique full length barre and center class utilizing one skate to increase strength and accurate whole body alignment.
  • Also included in the appendix are helpful references and resource materials for further study including music suggestions, character dance resources, books, and educational DVDs.

Online Excerpts

The following are excerpts from Annette’s new book:


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