In conjunction with American Ice Theatre – Introducing Ballet for Figure Skaters On-Line Private Mini-Courses


Realizing that it is difficult to set aside 16 weeks to take an entire course, I am now offering a select variety of private, individually specialized, Mini Courses* guaranteed to take your coaching/teaching abilities beyond the next level. These courses will be LIVE through video chat – geared to each individual’s level of need and available to:

  • ALL adult (18+) figure skaters and dancers
  • ALL artistic sports coaches and dance/movement instructors


Option 1 – Set up a FREE 20 minute consultation with me and together we will create a custom class specific to your individual subject of interest.

Option 2 – Choose from the selection below:

  • Dance Based Stretching and Strengthening for injury prevention
    • Learn how to balance stretching to increase ROM with strength exercises to create the best of both worlds. Be the very best dancer/skater you can be while remaining virtually injury free.
  • Introduction to Music Theory
    • Understand the basics of how to read & count music, tempo, meter, measures, time signatures and how music styles affect movement and expression.
  • Pedagogy Basics for Coaches
    • How to become a more integrated teacher/coach: Learn the basics of methodical teaching practices in any field and how to create effective lesson plans which fulfill the needs of every student you may encounter, no matter what their learning style may be. Includes “The 7 Ways of Learning”.
  • Fundamentals of Vaganova Based Floor-Barre and Injury Prevention Basics
    • Learn the secret behind the well trained dancers of the Vaganova School and how injury prevention is built into their method.
  • How to teach a “skates-on” off-ice class
    • Learn the basics of how to teach my exclusive off-ice program with skates on AND how to create your own exercises.
      Includes: 6 floor exercises, 4 barre combinations and 2 centre exercises.
  • Choreography Basics
    • Explore Geometry in movement and the Golden Mean (choreography based on classical art). Learn to understand how emotion, music interpretation, conveyance, projection and body language all need to be in place within the performer in order to create a believable lasting impression.
  • Introduction to Ballet Pedagogy
    • Learn vital basics of Classical Ballet terminology, steps and teaching methodology.

Cost: $250 and includes a digital copy of my “Fundamentals of Alignment and Classical Movement for Figure Skaters” book.

To discuss Mini-Course options and for purchase, please contact Annette at:
**As a current member of the International Dance Council, all courses by Annette T. Thomas qualify her students for eligibility to receive the International Certification of Dance Studies through UNESCO CID. For more information please see: